The MCCA preclinical intervention facility is using advanced mouse models as surrogate for cancer patients to identify and validate targets that can be exploited by anti-cancer therapy. The main objective of the preclinical intervention unit is to find and test novel anti-cancer treatments, using the advanced cancer models, such as transgenic (spontaneous) mouse models, orthotopic transplantation models, or human xenograft models that have been developed/established at the NKI. The treatment and longitudinal follow-up of tumors is facilitated by a fully trained and dedicated team of technicians that perform the surgeries and caliper measurements. We also have state-of-the-art small animal imaging systems of the imaging unit. Local and precise radiation beams can be delivered using the image-guided radiation therapy system for small animals.

The preclinical intervention facility can take care of the whole trajectory of preclinical trial design and execution, including support in the design/setup of the study, design suitable drug formulations, planning and execution of treatments, follow-up of tumor growth and/or metastasis formation, assessment of therapy response and collection of tissues and reporting of data. If you are interested, or want to request a consultation please leave a message.

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